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If you are looking for information about the SportPesa registration procedure, you are in the right place. You’ll get all the info you need in this review.

SportPesa DescriptionDetailsSportPesa Registration Code:
ReputationA great reputation across sporting fansRegister here!
Good sports betting offerAll the biggest sports leagues all over the worldRegister here!
User friendlyThe SportPesa website is easy to useRegister here!
Customer support Responsive and helpfulRegister here!
Other Advantages:Supports local teamsRegister here!

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How To Bet On SportPesa

Right after SportPesa, the online sports betting bigwig announced that it’s officially going to open its doors to the South African market, sports enthusiasts went insane in excitement. We can’t wait to see what benefits will SportPesa registration code offer.

Before we get there, here is a quick outline on why you should join SportPesa and fill out the SportPesa registration form.

sportpesa africa number one

Today, we are going to have an in-depth analysis of this online sportsbook and some of its best features which have made it grab the top spot of online sports betting in several African countries. As we speak, SportPesa is the most lucrative site for sports gamblers in Kenya, Tanzania and some parts of the UK on a global scale. It is one of the best places to put your live score game predictions on the betting slip here in Africa and it has sponsored lots of African sports team as well.

Thanks to promotions like the referral bonus which allows players to enter their friend’s phone number as the SportPesa Reference ID, this bookie is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the online gambling industry. Although it has not officially started offering sportsbook services here in South Africa, you are going to find out how simple the SportPesa Registration process is and why it has received a laudable brand recognition across the globe.

How to Become a Member of SportPesa

As we have already stated, for now, the sportsbook is not officially open but we are going to give you an update on all SportPesa events as they happen. However, you can pre-register using your personal details so that once the floodgates of this sportsbook are open, you can login instantly to catch up with your favourite teams. Here is a screenshot of SportPesa registration form:

SportPesa Registration

Here are the simple steps that you are supposed to follow during your preliminary SportPesa registration procedure. And by the way, once you do this, you won’t have to bother going through another SportPesa registration once again. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on any of the links that we’ve prepared for you and you’ll be redirected right to the SportPesa registration form.
  2. For now, this is a pre-registration form which involves entering your mobile number and e mail address only to sign up.
  3. Make sure that you are above the legal gambling age of 18 years to avoid any kind of legal trouble.
  4. After you enter your personal details, click on the blue ‘sign up’ button and that’s it, at least for now.
  5. You will now be receiving all updates from the sportsbook including news and information about offers so that you can be in the know.
  6. NOTE: Again, this is only a preliminary process which will put you on the forefront in the line of those who want to be the first gamers to bet using SportPesa, the highest rated sportsbook in Africa.

In case anything about this SportPesa registration changes, you’ll get the latest updates from us. At this time, the best you can do is to submit your details so that once the sportsbook is fired up, you’ll have already book your ticket and you can start betting right away.

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What is the SportPesa Reference ID?

In other markets in Africa where SportPesa is already well-established, the SportPesa Reference ID is used as a form of verification so that a player can receive the referral bonus. So, what happens is that if your friend refers you to this sportsbook, when you sign up, you are supposed to enter their phone number in the SportPesa Reference ID box. This is how the system detects the person who refers you and since a phone number is required while creating an account here, your friend’s number will be used to award him/her the bonus.

There is a good chance that once this sportsbook is open here in South Africa, the SportPesa Reference ID system will also be used to reward referral bonuses. However, since nothing has been officially relayed about this, stay tuned for more updates on this and many more!

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SportPesa Mobile

Currently, there is virtually no sportsbook in the world that doesn’t have a mobile friendly platform. One of the many things that puts SportPesa miles ahead of its competitors is the fact that apart from having a mobile site that’s quite attractive, it also has an app that can be installed on mobile phones. Obviously, once this bookie opens its doors here in South Africa, we also expect the desktop site to be accompanied by their mobile app that streams results today just like in other African markets.

sport pesa online betting

From what the house offers other African countries, it is expected to offer a seamless sports betting experience that will keep you with live results on the go. Since the app is usually very small in size, mobile app downloads will be quite fast as well. It won’t take up much space in your mobile devices and it will run exceptionally fast thanks to the smooth, user-friendly interface that is adapted in developing SportPesa mobile apps. In addition, the SportPesa registration process can also be completed via the mobile app and if you already have an account, you can sign in with your original details. You won’t have to create another gaming account for the app!

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Final Words on SportPesa Registration Procedure

Just like everyone else who loves betting here in South Africa, we are thrilled to have SportPesa and we can’t wait to take it for a spin to give you a more detailed review. To be on the safe side, pre-register now so that when the betting section is finally live, you will already be ahead on the SportPesa Registration process. Make hay while the sun shines, right?

When the time comes, don’t forget to give us an update on your first experience at this world-class online bookie. Meanwhile, keep popping in here or subscribe to our newsletter and RSS feed so that you don’t miss any new updates about SportPesa! You can complete SportPesa online registration form now and discover the benefits and best deals this bookie offers.

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